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wraith808 is the long-time screen name of a long-time gamer. He is a computer consultant by trade, programming in Delphi and C#, but longs to be a writer and game designer. As such, this site includes links to my other sites around those three areas: writing, gaming, and coding.


Sometimes I get the urge to write. Some of it is good, and some of it is bad. But I figure in the pursuit of getting published, I'll indulge here. And maybe someone will like it.


From my first visit to a gaming shop, I was hooked. Not just writing and reading- two of my favorite pastimes- but playing in worlds of my imagination? Where do I sign up! Along with my writing of fiction, I dabble in game design, and learn more all the time, through the games that I make. As I do, I post it, and my research into the field of gaming design on this page.


Coding is a manner of making a living for me. But I love it for more than just the financial benefits, and do quite a bit of it in my spare time. Whether it be research, applications and utilities, or just random musing, I'll post it here as I experiment and create.

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Beta Testing

At any given time, I'm working on some project or another that I haven't reached the level of posting yet. If you're interested in beta testing software, writing, or games, contact me below and I'll subscribe to my list to get notifications when I have something brewing.