The TC1100 experiment – Part 2

With the deciding over, the fun part begins… shopping! I did some more research into the TC1100, and found that there are several different versions. It appears that the max processor is a Pentium M 1.2GHz, and the maximum memory is 2G (if you discard the 512MB that comes standard). The price variance seems to also be pretty large, so I have to set myself a shopping limit.

I would like to spend less than $400 on the tablet and all upgrades. I’m basing that on the fact that I’d have to get a stand for the iPad, and the stand I was looking at was about $50, and I’m sure I’d get a keyboard, and that would run about $50, so the price for an iPad with 32GB of storage becomes $799 + tax.

The tablet I was able to secure on eBay was $239 + $12 shipping, so that fell within my budget. I did find out while I was doing this that I needed to be more assertive with my purchase; I missed out on a $249 deal that included the dock and DVD/RW. But I was able to secure that in another auction for $49 + $12 shipping. In that auction I learned another lesson- because right after I hit the buy it now, I found another one for $44 that included an additional power cord, which I think I might need.

But my total so far is $298 + $24 shipping, so I’m satisfied with the purchase.